Don't Let COVID Rain on Your Vaca

OC Tips

Has the Coronavirus Rained on your Vacation Parade? We here at the Carousel Group are just as bummed as our guests that they have to miss out on their beach time here in Ocean City, MD., so we gathered a few ideas that can help you bring your vacation into your home! Check out the list below, we hope it helps lift your spirits in days to come…

  • Order Room Service: Whether it is a continental breakfast or a romantic dinner for two, cook a meal or order delivery and dine over a tablecloth with candles or stay in bed!

Breakfast served in bed

  • Spa Day: Turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa with the help of bubble bath, bath oils, homemade facial treatments and a soothing eye pillow. Just add candles and a relaxing soundtrack and let the worries of everyday life fall away.

  • Perfect the Art of the Nap: Whether it’s on a hammock under the trees or on your screened-in porch, revisit the indulgent, forget-the-world experience of taking a long, relaxing nap in the middle of the day.

  • Go Camping in your own Backyard: Sleeping under the stars is still fun for all ages. Get the full camping experience by cooking over a fire (or portable barbecue), sleeping in a tent and only visiting the house for restroom breaks.

Tent setup in a backyard

  • Movie Night: Set up a projection screen in your backyard or have a Netflix marathon from the comfort of your own couch. Try something different for a change, like a cheesy horror flick or one of those all-time classics you’ve still never seen. Don’t forget the popcorn and candy!

People watching movie on a projecter screen outside

  • Catch Up on Your Reading: Whether you love historical biographies or fluffy beach reads, stock up on some hot titles and set aside plenty of time to get lost in them. Just image the sound of seagulls in the distance, and crashing waves at the beach and let yourself be carried away.

  • Freshen Up Your Bedroom: A vase of flowers, a new candle, a new set of sheets — anything to freshen up your bedroom and make it feel a teeny bit extra special will go a long way. If nothing else, change your sheets and plump up your pillows.

  • Learn a New Recipe, or Try a New Wine: It’s so fun to try something new, and vacations are the best time to expand your taste buds. Even though this may not be the time to spend, a splurge-y trip to the grocery store cost less than a week of restaurant meals. So go ahead and indulge a bit.

Woman with kids baking

  • Break Out the Crafts: Many hotels and resorts offer family friendly activities, such as camps for the kids! Break out the glue, glitter, beads and macaroni! Click the link to a good deal of DIY kid craft ideas brought to you by Good Housekeeping.…/g13…/diy-kids-activities/

Family doing arts and crafts

  • Take Lots of Photos: In the minds of many this may be a time you would rather forget in the long run but let’s acknowledge the fact that you get to spend time with family that you may not usually have due to other daily routine obligations.

We tend to take tons of photos when we travel to the beach but what about when staying at home? We put so much time and energy into our homes, keeping them clean and organized, beautiful and healthy. Don’t they deserve to play the starring role in our vacation photos, just as much as the beach? The time to stretch out and rest at home is just as precious as the time we have traveling or lazing at the shore; memorialize it!

Do you have other ideas in how to bring your vaca home??? Send them to us via Messenger on Facebook!