Even though the year has barely begun, the summer will be upon us before we know it. Planning ahead for vacations gives you something to look forward to during the grudge of everyday life. There are so many places you could choose to go but here are five reasons why Ocean City is the best choice for your vacation this summer!

1. Convenient Location

When planning a vacation, the method of reaching the destination must always be considered. Flying to some faraway place seems exciting until the day of said flight. Without fail, there is panic about missing it or that airport agents will find a reason to investigate innocuous belongings. In addition, being in such close proximity to strangers for extended periods of time can exacerbate the current spread of COVID-19. So, what can be done about this? The answer is simple: take a road trip!

Travel in the comfort of your own vehicle to the beach for the vacation you’ve been waiting all year to enjoy. Ocean City is only hours from Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. This way, too, you can travel wherever you want, whenever you want, in a vehicle you’re familiar with. Public transportation is then entirely optional.


2. Affordable

One of the major factors in planning any trip is always the price tag. No one wants to break the bank when it can be helped. Staying with Carousel Group hotels can offer you the best accommodations for a fraction of the price! Did you know there are even more savings to be found if you book directly for one of our hotels? Not only will you save on your vacation, you will be able to choose up to six free coupons for various attractions around Ocean City! Be on the lookout for our annual Summer Sales in March and June!



3. Relax

There’s no question that everyone needs a break after the last few years. Few things are more relaxing than the sounds of waves and the feeling of summer sun on your skin (with proper sunscreen, of course). Let the worries of the world melt away and spend a day on the beach, playing with your children in the sand and surf. Relaxing isn’t just a beach activity; there is plenty that fits the bill elsewhere, as you will read soon enough. You don’t even need to do anything if you don’t want to. Some find staying in their hotel room with the TV on and carryout pizza the height of relaxation. There are so many choices and it’s all up to you!



4. Reconnect

We’ve unfortunately had to spend a lot of time away from our loved ones. Are grandparents missing their grandchildren? Are you missing the feeling of the family getting together for holidays and special events? Do you miss the chance for stories that will carry on through the years? What better way to change that than creating new cherished memories during a beautiful beach vacation! Coordinate with the extended family to meet at the beach and make up for that lost time.

At the Carousel Hotel, renting a two- or three-bedroom condominium will provide the perfect accommodation for a larger family gathering. With full kitchens, washer and dryer, separated bedrooms, and living rooms looking out on the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, you won’t worry about anything during your time at the beach! In addition, the Carousel Hotel hosts Family Photo Night three times a week, a perfect opportunity for capturing a fragment of your vacation!



5. Great Experiences

There is no end to the experiences you will have in Ocean City! Below are but a few of the activities you will find all over town. No one in the family will be left out during the time spent at the beach!

* Mini-golf courses can be found approximately every five blocks from the northmost point of Ocean City to the southern end at the Inlet Lot. Take a break from the beach and enjoy various themed courses at Old Pro, Nick’s Golf, and Professor Hacker’s!

* Two movie theaters are waiting, especially on rainy days, to entertain with the latest films. Both have heated reclining seats for maximum comfort. You can find Fox Sun and Surf on 143rd Street and Fox Gold Coast in the back corner of Gold Coast Mall on 113th Street.

* For those seeking the nightlife, there is no other place to be than Seacrets Jamaica on 49th Street! Sitting on the bayside, this nightclub offers a beautiful view of the sunset, excellent food, amazing drinks (many of which are brewed on site in their brewery), and nightly live entertainment to dance the night away.

* Jolly Rogers Amusement Park has two locations: the flagship location on 30th Street, home to the ever-popular Speedworld and Splash Mountain, and a branch with rides and games on the Pier at the Inlet Lot. Every hotel in the Carousel Group sells Jolly Rogers passes at discounted rates for our guests!

* Of course, also at the Inlet Lot is the Ocean City Boardwalk, with Trimper’s Rides, the famous 110-year-old fully-functional carousel, Trasher’s Fries, and three miles of shops and dining locations to visit! You can spend the entire day and even most of the night exploring the Boardwalk and still not see it all.

* Speaking of dining, are you looking for seafood? Well, you’re in the perfect place for that! Ocean City is lined with fantastic seafood restaurants, such as Crab Bag on 130th Street and the Original Crabcake Factory on 120th (which is on the corner of the Coastal Palms Beach Hotel).

* You absolutely do not want to miss visiting Assateague Island National Seashore. Only a short drive from Ocean City to Berlin, it is the famous home to wild ponies and gorgeous scenery. The park also offers activities for kids, including training to become a junior ranger and learning more about the wildlife on guided tours! Visit the official website to learn more and plan your visit.

* Don’t forget that there is plenty to experience at the Carousel Hotel in the summer! With Ocean City’s only indoor ice rink, the whole family can enjoy an activity wholly unique to the Carousel. This isn’t all to do, however; there are so many other activities and amenities available! Take a free family photo during Family Photo Nights as a souvenir of your experience, learn about exotic animals when the Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware visits with three animal ambassadors, check out free family movies on the beach in front of the Carousel Hotel every Wednesday at dusk, and watch the wonderful live ice-skating show performed by The Next Ice Age!

There you have it, five reasons why you will want to choose the beaches of Ocean City as your vacation destination! Don’t wait to have your summer vacation plans sorted! By calling 800-641-0011 or visiting the Carousel Group Hotels website, you can get the perfect room for you and your family early!