Boardwalk fries, funnel cakes, and ice cream…oh my! The struggle is real going from a weekly exercise and diet routine, to a vacation surrounded around schedules and temptation. Well, here we are to rescue you with 10 simple ways to stay fit while vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland.

1.) Walk/Run/Bike…

The Boardwalk: Break free from the gym, and take advantage of the atmosphere around you. The Ocean City Boardwalk measures 2.25 miles long. You’ll see residents and visitors alike running and walking the boardwalk all hours of the day. Many prefer the boardwalk where there are sights to be seen from the beach to amusements. A perfect match for someone who enjoys “people watching.”

As for bicycles, designated times are set aside to avoid safety hazards during hours of congestion.

Summer Time: Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, from 2 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Fall/Winter Time: From Tuesday after Labor Day through Friday of Memorial Day weekend at any time, except for Springfest and Sunfest weekends (Thursday – Sunday) from 2 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Coastal Highway: For a different take on scenery, Coastal Highway measures 9.04 miles from the Inlet to the Delaware State line, sidewalks surround the highway, as well as bicycle lanes. Take in the many local attractions and businesses while gaining a sweat.

2.) Town of Ocean City Bicycle Trails: If you would rather avoid the traffic on Coastal Hwy., the Town of Ocean City began an effort a few years back to route bicycle paths in Ocean City avoiding vehicular congestion. Designated bicycle lanes were marked from Sinepuxent Avenue connecting to Jamaica Avenue, which run along residential roadways in North Ocean City. Coming to the southern end of Jamaican Avenue, an intersection with a pedestrian crosswalk can take you across the highway to the ocean side streets of Assawoman Drive and Wight Street.

If you are looking for a path in the downtown area, look to St. Louis Avenue that runs from the Somerset Street north to 17th Street, along the bayside residential area downtown.

3.) Visit Public Parks: An oversight in Ocean City, MD., is the many hidden gems you can find in its public parks that offer everything from walking paths, exercise equipment, sports facilities, playgrounds and more…

* Downtown Recreation Complex: Located between 3rd and 4th streets bayside, the Downtown Recreation Complex offers something for everyone. A lighted multipurpose ballfield along the bay, and a small ballfield appropriate for youth softball games, as well as a playground area make this park ideal for the entire family. Basketball enthusiasts will enjoy ample court area to shoot some hoops. The Ocean Bowl Skate Park, a popular spot for skateboarders and inline skaters, contains a pool bowl, vert ramp, mini ramp and concrete street area. Directly on the bay, Chicago Avenue’s promenade area is an ideal spot for fishing and crabbing.
* Beach Volleyball Courts: located between 3rd and 4th Street off the boardwalk. Four public courts are available for pick up play during summer daylight hours. Other public nets can be found scattered up and down the beach. Call for the location nearest you.
* Town of Ocean City Tennis Center: The Ocean City Tennis Center, located on 61st Street bayside, is home to Ocean City’s finest tennis facility. Six Premier and three Lee Fast Dry Clay courts are featured. Junior activities, leagues, and clinic play are centered here.
* Little Salisbury Park: Located on 94th Street bayside, Little Salisbury Park is home to the Ocean City Center for the Arts, two tennis courts, a basketball court, playground and dog playground.
* Northside Park: Located on 125th Street and the Bay, Northside Park is Ocean City’s largest and most popular park facility. Home to the Recreation and Parks Department’s Administrative offices, the 58 acre complex boasts three lighted softball/baseball fields, a lighted soccer field, multipurpose field, a fishing lagoon, a foot bridge, concession stands, two playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment, little lending library, picnic shelter, two piers, a gazebo, and a one mile walking/jogging path. Indoor facilities include a Community Center with a 14,200 square foot gymnasium, kitchen, community room, conference room, patio, sitting areas, and a sports center annex with a 21,000 square foot multi-sport sports arena.
* Gorman Park: Located on 136th Street bayside, just off Derrickson Avenue, is home to one tennis court, one three‑wall racquetball court, pickleball courts, a picnic shelter and a playground.
* Fiesta Park: A wooded, passive park, Fiesta Park is located on 141st Street bayside at Fiesta Road. Nature trails and a picnic shelter provide a relaxing family recreational experience.

For a full list of public parks in Ocean City visit the Recreation and Parks Department page on the Town’s website at where a list of sports activities can also be found for all ages.

4.) Family Beach Olympics: From June 25 through August 13, the Town of Ocean City Recreation & Parks Department puts on Family Beach Olympics. ON Tuesdays the event is held on 27th Street, and new this year the event is also held on Thursdays at the Carousel Resort Hotel & Condominiums located on 1ocated on 118th Street on the beach. This event features fun-filled activities for the whole family, including sand castle contests, tug-of-war, relay races and more. All skill levels are welcome and all activities are free!

5.) The WreckTangle: New this Year! The Woodward WreckTangle is now open and running through October 2019. A proprietary ninja obstacle challenge course is designed to be achievable and fun for kids and adults of any age. With ten obstacles, participants will have a cool experience in an awesome place as they compete with friends to make it through. The encouraging instructors, camaraderie with friends, and satisfaction of taking on ten thrilling obstacles make WreckTangle a fun experience guests will want to do over and over again

Located on 3rd Street and Philadelphia Ave. the WreckTangle is open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

6.) Water Sport: There are a number of kayak, Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP) and even wind surfing rentals in Ocean City. Leave the pavement and take the waterways, there is so much to see while paddling along the bay. The eastern shore nature and wildlife you won’t want to miss.

7.) Choose to Walk instead of Ride: Restaurants, attractions and entertainment are found up and down Coastal Hwy. There’s often no better way to take in the joys, scents, and surprises of the local culture than by foot.

8.) Opt for Stairs: Whether in hotels or condominium buildings leave the elevators behind and take the stairs. Make it a race! Whoever reaches the top first, wins!

9.) Take Advantage of your Hotel Amenities: When booking hotels, choose those with fitness centers. If you can fit the gym into your vacation agenda, you’ll have given yourself the best insurance that you’ll fit fitness into each day. Plus, working out every morning will increase your motivation to eat more healthfully throughout the day.

Carousel Group Hotels with gyms:

* Tidelands Caribbean Hotel & Suites located on 5th Street & the Boardwalk
* Crystal Beach Hotel located on 25th Street & the Boardwalk
* Bonita Beach Hotel located on 81st Street & the Boardwalk
* Carousel Resort Hotel & Condominiums located 118th Street & Coastal Hwy.
* Coastal Palms Beach Hotel located on 120th Street & Coastal Hwy.

Just Keep Swimming! Most hotels offer indoor and/or outdoor swimming pools. Get in some laps, or find out where the nearest water aerobics classes can be found in the area. What about the Ocean! Your own personal tide pool is waiting for you on the beach.

Ice Skating: Wait, at the Beach!? That’s right! The Carousel Resort Hotel & Condominiums has an ice skating rink inside its Atrium. During the summer, the rink is open to the public Saturday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

If you don’t think ice skating will get your heart rate up, ask one of our professional skaters! The Carousel Resort offers a free ice skating show, Dream World, put on by the Next Ice Age. The show is open to the public, taking place Saturday through Thursday starting at 6:30 p.m.

The list keeps going! The Carousel Resort also offers pickleball and volleyball courts as well! Check it out,

To view all amenities offered by the Carousel Group visit our website at

10.) Most important…Have Fun! Go ahead, relax and sunbathe a little, but have some calorie-burning fun with the kids, too. Play “Marco Polo” in the pool. Go bike riding. Shoot hoops. Go fishing. Pick up sea shells on the beach. Chances are, you’ll have as much fun as the little ones.